Do you know clear about stained glass?


Stained glass is truly full body color glass, is famous as its rich lines of color. Color is in its body, not painted process, it has characteristics of never fade, never change and cross color.
The Step of making stained glass:
1. Make glass without color.
To Manufacture the glass without color, the raw materials must be free of iron. When Melting the glass, put a certain proportion of manganese dioxide. Manganese dioxide is an oxidant, the divalent iron ions with green color were oxidized into ferric ions, manganese into trivalent manganese with purple color. White and purple synthetic, glass become colorless and transparent. 
2. Make color to glass
Containing compounds of different metal, glass would be “dyed” on variety of colors. When melting the glass, put cuprous oxide give a red glass; put cobalt oxide give blue glass; put chromium oxide give green glass...
Beside the metal put into the melting glass to make the color, variety of materials for making the glass referred to as the raw material, the species composition generally 7-12. There are 4-6 species as the main material, such as quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, a lead compound, a barium compound etc. The raw material is necessary that it make the glass to obtain certain properties and speed up the melting process. Although the quantities are small, but the effect is very important. They are clarifying agent, flux, coloring agents, bleaching agents, poacifying agents, oxidizing agents, reducing agent.
Top technology comes as chemical formula: According to the physical and chemical properties of different metal elements firing into different colors of metal  elements incorporated, resulting in different colors.
Put gold, through secondary processing give pink
Put selenium give red
Put calcium give green
Put cobalt give blue
Put ammonium give purple
Put copper give rendered onyx
Put lithium oxide give marble color
Stained Glass Mosaic Making
1. After the above step to make a big sheet colored glass, we put it into a machine to cut it into a request small piece size.
2. Put the small piece sizes chip into a mold
3. Put the mesh with glue on the mold
4. Dry the glue
5. Put the mosaic sheet in box, pack and done. 

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