Beautiful home with infinite lines, One tile make one space


Beauty is the 'sensuous appearing of the Idea'       - Hegel, German philosopher

Where bigger was now better, if not, the best.
This long-standing American slang has been controlling the trend of home fashion trends unconsciously, and the industry's pursuit of large size has already become popular. There is no doubt that the concept of size is changing globally. In the home space, whether it is sofas, tables and chairs, including ceramic tiles, all eyes are big, big, big, and the pursuit of the openness of the space and the overall feel of the peak.

Bigger or Better

In this trend of pursuing large-scale, the tile industry has seen a large-scale mesh red product. The popular sizes on the market are 2400X1200mm to 3200X1600mm, etc., unlike the industry focusing on expanding the single-chip area of tiles, Jane marble tile innovation Sexually developed the 900X1800mm infinite splicing series, not only in the size of a single tile, but also in the infinite extension of the uninterrupted marble texture.

If the larger specification is an in-line technological innovation, then the one space, the one piece of tilerepresented by the infinite series of lines is the innovation of design thinking, and this innovation has surpassed the limitations of equipment, is the  achievement of human mind and freedom of imagination.

Perfect for collage

The new Unlimited Line Collection is a natural elegance and exquisite design. Each 900X1800mm product has 8 patterns, which are designed to connect 13 square meters of continuous marble tiles, even in different combinations. With an area of 52 square meters or more, this innovative design is unprecedented, and this innovative space application is achieved by splicing.

The Infinite Line series has a very good decorative effect and spatial expression in large space and high-rise applications, allowing the texture to naturally connect, infinitely extending, and the overall space is coherent and unified, truly reducing the natural beauty of marble natural texture. The tight seaming will strictly control the gap of the tile within 0.5mm, eliminating the visual splitting feeling, and changing the texture to get rid of the dullness and dullness in the space.

For the background wall, the natural texture of a large area is easily connected to become the protagonist of the space, free to express the individual style.

For aisles and corridors, the unique long lines of elements can be arranged in 8 sides without repeating patterns, achieving an infinite open space.

The striated pattern can be used to create a ground and wall integration that is a good way to divide different functional areas.

Unlimited lining is a very interesting and novel design discovery. It can get rid of the traditional slab's dimensional thinking. It can improve the quality of optimization, beyond the limitations of design and materials. The unique design finds that it can enhance the texture pattern, color and texture, and ensure the floor and wall. A perfect visual continuation experience between.

Vitality derived from nature
The Infinite Line series not only brings the infinite charm of visual extension in space, but also has the ultimate exploration of materials in the surface treatment and texture of tiles. The texture and pattern design are more abundant, and the feel and texture are obviously superior to other tile products. The three-dimensional effect of the tile surface will be stronger, bringing the vitality and artistic beauty of nature flow.

Using the world's leading inkjet equipment and sleeve spray technology to make the surface of the tile surface closely match the texture. The three-dimensional decorative effect of the stone surface brings a vivid relief texture to the space, and presents thousands of postures with the change of light. It is like playing a hymn of light and shadow.
In the home space, the infinite series of lines completely presents the texture of natural stone, rich in change, high-end atmosphere, the overall space is more fashionable and beautiful, not only shows the eclectic attitude of life, but also greatly enhances the aesthetics of the space and Artistic temperament.

The infinite continuation series allows the marble texture to grow freely outwards, allowing the limited space to extend infinitely visually. 900x1800mm gold large size with splicing seams, 8 sides with unique patterns, in the spatial expression, there are a variety of freely arranged combinations, can be used for horizontal or vertical infinite expansion, providing more interesting design possibilities for the space .

Project: Hangzhou Kaiyuan Square
Style: modern simplicity
Product application: Marble tile Apollo Silver + New Pass High Grey

Project: Zhanjiang City Heights
Style: New Chinese
Product application: Marble tile Greek gray

Project: Nanning Longlong Lake
Style: European style
Application:  Marble Tile Haina Baichuan + Apollo Grey + Apollo Silver + Armani Grey

Looking forward to the infinite series of lines can pay more attention to everyone, each home is a unique individual, using tiles to express space emotions, free to express the feelings of home, pocelain  tiles let more people enjoy the comfort of natural beauty.


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